Album Manje Ristić The Black Isle

Album Manje Ristić The Black Isle je objavljen 2019 u izdanju Flag Day Recordings.
Manja Ristić:
The Black Isle is my first & probable the last “symphonic” field recording
experiment, inspired by a wake of environmental activism that year by year
grows stronger in my sound practice.
For a musician nourished by intellectual & cultural surrounding of several
big European cities, moving to a semi remote island in South Adriatic sea
it did provoke a sensory shock, it changed my mental dynamics & most of all
it changed my relations to body-mind altered states, that further reflected
shift in attitude toward intimate sense of time. Perception of altered
sense of time is something all musicians are quite familiar with & I find a
lot of added value in that affinity, especially when focus is put on
exploring memory of the particular space, site-specific, or in the sense of
human activities in relation to exploitation of Nature, historically rich
environment. Discovering links between sense of time, sonic plasticity &
memory of the locale for me is an everyday transcendence, it gives me
strong notion of poetical fervor. It renders rich qualities of perceiving
consistencies of a present moment.
The choice to use mentioned “symphonic” approach to intuitive field
recording composition processes rises from a need to signify incessant
influence of the physical sound on the formation of space, therefore
treating environmental sound as a solid matter & an instrument in creation
of form & new realities. I am using active listening & intuitive
intervention in field recording as a possible orchestration, building sonic
fractals, sewing carefully chosen moments into multidimensional medium
still wide open for self-generated dynamics evoked by attentive listening. What
I strive to produce are an artificially created neural maps driven by
potent sonic aesthetics, stimuli that I extract from a subtle textures of
an environmental sound. By building these sound holograms I invite listener
to add own mentalistic content, in an effort to achieve orbicular cognitive
Despite heavenly scenery of an old Venetian town & magic of Mediterranean
flora & fauna, going into the wilderness on a small Adriatic island &
facing loads of plastic or not so obvious fossil fuel debris, or simply
watching giant cruisers dig sea bottom with their enormous anchors, is an
uneasy everyday dynamic. My generation cannot afford to stay aside in
silence. The Adriatic islands has been under attack of profit making
hunters & as a modern touristic destination its been put on the map of
systematic exploitation without proper care of a fragile natural resources.
Apart from monitoring local legislative & criticizing corruption trends in
higher governmental structures within this region, we also need to look
into the collective psychology of leisure & get further away from elitist
idea of ultimate comfort, insisting on deepening our understanding of
commercial short term migration’s impact on the locale. Effort to protect
nature & culture in modern tourism needs paradigm change built on
unprecedented attitudes, which are constructed by integrative understanding
of preservation reached through an open discourse between science, local
infrastructural, environmental needs & short term migration dynamics.
Released for Flag Day Recordings
All field recordings, interventions, composition and poetry by Manja Ristić
Excerpts from W.A. Mozart’s piano concert no 1 in F major (II movement
Andante) used on the tracks 1 & 7
Mastering by Guillermo Pizarro
Hydrophone and contact microphones used for recording are built by Jez
Riley French
Cover art is oil on canvas from the series Strange Waves, by Simonida