Posveta Arminu Medoschu

Stadtwerkstatt, Linz

6 pm
New Tendencies, screening of Armin Medosch’s presentation and book launch at Cabinet space, New York 2016

8 pm
Free Research
We explore the legacy of Armin Medosch's work from the perspective of "free research". Long before artistic research became a fundable category, Armin engaged in a various independent, non-institutional research endeavors at the intersection of art, media and politics: from navigating the Baltic Sea on the MS Stubnitz to building open mesh-networks in London, exploring media piracy in Taiwan to contributing to the history of early media art in Croatia and internationally and to developing the Timeline - Tracing Information Society with TECHNOPOLITICS, a free research group in Vienna.

What can we take from his particular approach of developing a free research as interdisciplinary practice for the future?

James Stevens activist researcher
Shu Lea Cheang artist researcher
Richard Barbrook academic researcher
Darko Fritz artist researcher
Moderation: Felix Stalder academic researcher

10 pm
Party-Time / DJs & Dance
Camel - from Rocksteady to 80s Hip Hop
Walter Gröbchen - plays Armin's Records
Mukul - London Party Time