New Materialisms prezentacija u Beču

Darko Fritz predstavlja projekt New Materialisms na Technopolitics u Beču

New Materialisms is a long-term program of exhibitions conceptualized in a collaborative process that has been taking place among grey) (area - space for contemporary and media art from Croatia, HICA (Highlands Institute for Contemporary Art) from Scotland, and Technopolitics, association for advancement of discursive formats between art and science from Vienna.

The /New Materialisms/ series aims at reflexive production tackling
historically divergent art practices and discursive fields of Concrete and Conceptual Art related to them, as defined in the 1960s (especially through the notions of modernity and postmodernity), but also with understanding of those practices via perspectives of post-media approaches to art and the
post-digital condition of contemporary society. In that sense, the
project's intention is to formulate dialogues among important authors of these previous periods and contemporary practitioners who work within a post-media context, mirroring “organic” conditions while assuming the design of aesthetic experience as important mechanism which has its agency in the process of creating the physical world.