Zvučna mapa Korčule

Članica udruge Siva zona Manja Ristić zvučnu kartu otoka Korčule kontinuirano snima i objavljuje kroz nekoliko foramata, a snimke koristi i u sklopu drugih zvučnih kompozicija i impro nastupa.
U sklopu projekta Global Sound Map Manja je uvrsitila i Korčulu.

Album pod nazivom 60 Minute Cities - Korčula objavila je izdavačka kuća Bivouac Recording iz Šangaja. Uz album izdana je i knjižica, dostupna ovdje.

Album Children of the Island (1), 2016 - 2019.

2018, zvučna mapa Korčule objavljena je kroz Manjin osobni odabir 55 "prostovremenskih prozora" ispričanih kroz sedam zvučnih priča.
Izjava autorice:
I grew up on the island, therefore I am deeply familiar with it, nevertheless, still every year I find new places and get impressed over their beauty, complexity and richness. Unfortunately, in the last couple of years it became very difficult to watch the devastation that a mass-tourism is provoking. So my recording practice became more frequent, perhaps also a bit anxious, so it stopped being only a sonic template of my artistic practice but rather an environmental research as well.
From art to conservation, my work around this map will last for years and will always be labeled as a cultural activism. The first series are already on the road, under the title Crni otok / The Black Isle and are shaped through performance art, sound art, installation, digital & interactive art, visual & inter-media arts.

Vrnik, from the olive tree above the Popovic amphitheater 42°56'17.2"N 17°10'08.0"E
Adriana's Dock undersea 42°56'18.5"N 17°10'07.7"E
Under the old boat on the beach edge 42°56'18.4"N 17°10'07.9"E
Hydrophone inside the gravel, in front of the Popovic house
 42°56'18.4"N 17°10'07.9"E
Bek's pier undersea
 42°56'17.5"N 17°10'10.8"E
Between rocks at the end of the village path
 42°56'12.6"N 17°10'17.8"E
Flat rocks facing Gubavac
 42°56'05.0"N 17°10'21.9"E

The Town
Sound walk down the central street from the Cathedral to the Monument  42°57'41.8"N 17°08'09.9"E
Hydrophone in the broken ewer 42°57'42.8"N 17°08'12.1"E
Third Zakrjan undersea 42°57'41.4"N 17°08'13.8"E
Sunday Bells of St Marco 42°57'41.8"N 17°08'10.4"E
Puntin inside the rock barrier 42°57'47.3"N 17°08'09.2"E
First Zakrjan undersea, Catamaran is leaving from the East port 42°57'38.7"N 17°08'13.0"E
Rain & Thunder in Depolo Street 42°57'42.8"N 17°08'12.1"E
Andrej's Barrier undersea 42°57'45.8"N 17°08'11.3"E
Top of the West port undersea
 42°57'48.1"N 17°08'08.3"E
Outside the Fort
Hydrophone buried inside the new sand behind Bernardi's Monument 42°57'39.2"N 17°08'03.6"E 
Town Marina undersea 42°57'32.8"N 17°08'07.6"E 
Wind in the tent in Arula, and we are eating an apple strudel 42°57'38.0"N 17°08'05.7"E 
Lovor's Dock undersea, West port far left corner 42°57'42.5"N 17°08'04.3"E 
KPK open pool undersea, iron water stairs and the fish checking out my hydrophone 42°57'26.0"N 17°08'13.4"E 
Top of the Uš Harbor undersea, whirls between two rocks 42°57'23.5"N 17°08'29.3"E 
Small Dock behind the Monument undersea 42°57'39.3"N 17°08'02.7"E

To the Forest
Anti​-​fa memorial for the killed teen Cebalo 42°57'43.3"N 17°07'42.2"E 
Water for Fire Tank, Bernardo Bernardi walk 42°57'36.9"N 17°07'47.9"E 
Novi puti belvedere bench 42°57'34.2"N 17°07'55.2"E 
Road to Forteca 42°57'36.1"N 17°07'48.1"E 
Forteca Repetitor 42°57'31.1"N 17°07'50.3"E 
Medvinjak deep in the bay 42°57'38.1"N 17°07'35.1"E
Rocks behind Medvinjak
 42°57'49.5"N 17°07'12.9"E
Sea pool behind Medvinjak
 42°57'49.5"N 17°07'12.9"E
Sound walk from Strećica to Novi puti
 42°57'38.4"N 17°07'39.0"E
Maks Vanka & Sveti Nikola
Mandrač Marina Edita's Corner undersea 42°57'45.3"N 17°07'44.2"E 
Hole in the stone barrier between the Monastery & the Gallery 42°57'46.9"N 17°07'47.7"E 
Under the Maks Vanka's Gallery, sea pool in the strong Maestral 42°57'47.1"N 17°07'49.1"E 
Miniature sea pool under the Monastery 42°57'46.5"N 17°07'46.4"E 
No anchoring sign sea pool 42°57'47.1"N 17°07'48.9"E 
Algae carpet under the St Nicola's Monastery 42°57'46.7"N 17°07'47.2"E
Night Crickets at the Lighthouse 42°55'05.3"N 17°12'04.6"E 
Ražnjić sea pool facing Glavat 42°55'03.1"N 17°11'59.6"E 
The Lighthouse sound walk, Rt Ražnjić 42°55'00.6"N 17°12'07.0"E 
Ražnjić, breathing water cave 42°55'05.3"N 17°11'59.9"E 
Rain in the tent in early Autumn 42°55'04.7"N 17°12'03.1"E 
Lenga, sea pool facing Ražnjić 42°55'18.7"N 17°11'49.9"E 
Vela Pržina beach at night 42°55'03.6"N 17°11'14.2"E
Defora at the Crystal Rock 42°54'47.4"N 17°11'37.0"E 
Solo for the vineyard cricket 42°55'12.1"N 17°10'50.4"E
Away from Home
Kneže, hydrophone buried in the gravel 42°58'33.7"N 17°02'29.0"E 
Kneže, crabs & fish on the flat rocks 42°58'35.8"N 17°02'29.5"E
Samograd undersea 42°58'27.0"N 16°59'39.5"E
Pupnatsko poje
 42°56'59.6"N 17°02'09.8"E
Bačva undersea
 42°55'25.8"N 17°02'44.9"E
Water caves in Orlanduša 42°54'56.9"N 17°04'59.5"E
Glogovac undersea
 42°54'39.4"N 17°08'59.9"E